Inspiring Spaces

A symphony of modernity and elegance is woven into every corner of our newly constructed building. Every carefully selected detail is a note in this architectural composition, creating a unique experience for those who will call this place home.

From cutting-edge materials that embrace sustainability and efficiency, to clean lines and polished surfaces that reflect light in a unique way, this building is a contemporary masterpiece.

Bathrooms and kitchens

Vertical surfaces in wet areas will be tiled with porcelain stoneware ceramic tiles. The white bathroom fittings and resin showers will be complemented with designer furniture and chrome mixer taps.
In the kitchens, the furniture, which includes wall and base units and tower units with polylaminated doors, will include a glass ceramic hob, built-in oven and microwave, as well as an extractor hood. The stainless steel sink is fitted with chrome mixer taps, and there is pre-installation for a washing machine and bi-thermal dishwasher.

Exclusively we will offer a Premium package in which you can personalise the finishes of floors, tiles, furniture and worktops to elevate your home to the highest level.

The frontage makes part of the building envelope, providing acoustic building envelope, thermal insulation and waterproofing against the outside environment, and are largely responsible for the energy efficiency of the building. We build the enclosures in ceramic brick and self-supporting cladding, with thermo-acoustic insulation of mineral wool and laminated plasterboard, complying with the requirements of the CTE HE.
Ventilation of the house
There is a double-flow mechanical ventilation system. This system has a fan that extracts stale air from the humid rooms (bathrooms and kitchen) and another fan that blows fresh air into the dry rooms (bedrooms and living room). The ventilation system incorporates a heat recovery system, consisting of a heat exchanger that recovers part of the energy that has already been used to heat or cool the air, transferring it to the intake air. The system also filters the air, reducing dust and pollen in the home.
In the interior we install top quality porcelain stoneware floor tiles in large format, with white skirting board, the same colour as the doors. In your home, the exterior spaces and wet areas are paved with top quality non-slip stoneware tiles, with skirting board of the same material. Complying with the requirements of the CTE DB SUA.
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